A Cry for Help


A Cry for Help is a nonprofit charity setup to administer aid to disadvantaged people in an organized, intelligent way, allowing the recipients to help themselves, rather than just depend on more help.

Rather than give fish away, we teach people to fish, as the old adage goes.

Although the organization was formed in 2007 as a charitable nonprofit 501(c)3 entity, the work has been ongoing for many years with outreach from the Barrios of East L.A. here, to the poorest provinces of the Philippines.

Examples of Helping People Help Themselves are the financing of primary and secondary education for the poorest students in the Philippines, where public education is not free, and orphans cannot attend without the small amount of support needed.

A project closer to home, in an effort to provide an alternative to gang violence, we provide free tattoo removal services for those gang members wishing to find gainful employment, and leave the gangs behind.

We have provided medical missions in third world countries and financed a water tower enabling a children's clinic to have running water.

All recipients of our aid are disadvantaged, disenfranchised people that would benefit from a small financial or helpful nudge to realize independence.

Our organization fosters independence, rather than dependence.

We are merely a catalyst for people to achieve success, rather than giving them an ongoing stream of help or goods.

Our core physicians and workers are 100% volunteers. There is no administrative waste eating up any donated dollars. All donated money or services go completely to further the stated mission of A Cry for Help.

Your donations are 100% Tax Deductible.


Documentation of past and current projects is available on ACryforHelp.org


The backbone of the organization is Scott David Reiter, M.D., a Humanitarian and L.A. Physician for approximately thirty years. He has been privately contributing to this project for years, and currently still practices in Los Angeles's deteriorating Emergency Care arena, as well as operating the Pier Laser Med Spa in Santa Monica. 


If you are a medical doctor interested in helping out with Philippine Medical Missions, you will need to forward your curriculum vitae to us.

Government approval needs to come from the following agencies for sanctioned medical missions:

Mr. Lord Louis Valera


International Affairs Division

Professional Regulation Commission

Morayta, Manila, Philippines



Virginia G. Ala, M.D.


Bureau of International Health Cooperation

Department of Health

Sta. Cruz Manila, Philippines



Jose Asa Sabili, M.D.


Philippine Medical Association

North Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines



      (310) 392 4111    

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